Project Customization

Project Customization

ElecFreaks love seeing and hearing about all the cool projects using our modules and boards or not using them, we just don’t care that much. This new section “Projects” is open wide for everyone who partakes in this community. As a young startup, ElecFreaks designed and developed the vast majority of the products in the store. Enjoying, learning, advancing and sharing-that’s what each and almost project at ElecFreaks is about.

What do ElecFreaks offer?

  1. Evaluate, design, build, test and troubleshoot your project.
  2. OEM services. These include manufacture, assembly, test, quality control, all worry-free processes.

How do I submit the project?

1. Fill out “Table of Project”.  Click to download from here. The columns required is marked in red frame as:

table of project  

2. Sent your project concerned documents to These include “Table of Project” , images, texts, videos if you got. In a word, provide as much information as you can.

3. Await for project evaluation.

4. Project kickstart.