SOIC Adapter for use with the FlowerPad* versions

SOIC Adapter for use with the FlowerPad* versions

Hi Guys,  thanks for your attention on  ElecFreaks. We have come back to work from Spring Festival, and everyone resumes  normal working state. Here we will share with you the nice ideas of SOIC Adapter for use with standard protoboards and the FlowerPad* versions from Nard.   We will sell the SOIC Adapter with  low price in our store later.  Thanks  for Nard'  effort. He said:  'Guys,

I designed a set SOIC-adapters for use on proto boards (like Vero-board) and would like your feedback on these. Here is the webpage:
I am not commercially attached to but cooperate with them on these (FYI: it started with the FlowerPads; new developments are in testphase and will be evaluated soon) '

The SOIC-adaters webpage:


Rear View:  two decoupling capacitors 0805 / 1206 in combined layout; connected to the two powerbars Every electronics engineer knows that SMD is the future: PTH will fade-out, eventually. But for prototyping and breadboarding, SMD can be a pain. Adapters are the answer. I designed a few to show you. Let me know what you think and which are your favorite

........ How about this: I squeezed a header in, but soldering it will be a precise job. I will add some solder guides

to make that easier


........ More about scan  SOIC-adaters webpage:

If you have any suggestion, please feel free to publich your opption.