Why Smart Cutebot kit is the best option?

Why Smart Cutebot kit is the best option?


The STEM programming educational toy we are going to talk about today is a classic cart product among many programming educational products. Because it balances the difficulty of the kit and the fun of learning, it is very popular in various fields. In the past two years, if you have paid attention to the magical micro programming learning tool micro:bit, you will definitely find ELECFREAKS Cutebot smart car in the STEM programming educational toy market in various countries and regions. As ELECFREAKS’ best-selling product, what makes it unique? Why do stem teachers around the world who want to choose classroom teaching supplies and parents who want to take their children to self-study at home choose Cutebot car when faced with multiple choices?

Maybe in the following, you can find the answers:

1. As a STEM programming educational toy, it has good quality, safety, and low learning cost, which is convenient for teachers and children to use. Smart Cutebot Car is different from other STEM programming educational toys on the market. It does not need to be assembled and can be operated the first time when they come out of the box! Which effectively reduces children's learning costs and the damage rate caused by incorrect assembly methods. It can be damaged by the ingress of dust. In terms of production materials, it uses burr-free edges and environmentally friendly materials. Even the process of the bottom plate of the cart and the edge feel have been optimized 16 times to ensure that children will not be hurt during use. Teachers and parents can rest assured that children do it themselves.


2. As a STEM programming educational toy, it has rich functions, low learning cost, and is convenient for teachers and children to use. It supports two programming boards and four programming languages. Contains a wealth of onboard functions, such as an ultrasonic sound sensor, RGB rainbow lights, RGB chassis lights, buzzer, infrared receiver, line-following sensor, and the omni-wheel, and has as many as 26 case courses, which can provide countless inspirations for teaching. Even if you are a self-study, you can get started quickly, and more cases are still being developed. It can learn four different programming styles with only one robot car. It supports micro:bit and Pico:ed at the same time, and can be used to learn to support MakeCode, Python, JavaScript, and C++ programming.


3. As a STEM programming educational toy, it is cost-effective, highly expandable, and supports multiple expansion methods. Even when children grow up, they can continue to use it through continuous expansion. Including sensors, AI lens cameras, and blocks. By matching different sensors, Cutebot can realize functions such as automatic temperature warning, water level monitoring, and warning. When used with the AI lens,  operations such as forward and reverse can be realized by recognizing patterns of different colors or cards. There are also many creative collocations and usage methods waiting for your discovery.


4. Also, there are so many practices for teachers to hold workshops and competitions to inspire students more on the learning and understanding of stem education. If you think the default battery set in 3 dry batteries is not environment-friendly or just hate to keep replacing with new batteries, we are ready to give solutions by replacing the dry battery holders with the rechargeable lithium battery packs, in this way you may do the charge with a solar panel to get clear resources of battery powers as what our partners have done already.



All in all, we have kept polishing the smart Cutebot when it is born with the feedback given by our partners, teachers, and students, we are keen on bringing our smart Cutebot into the stem educational field for its best experience of learning and most affordable cost and we keep making coding accessible everywhere among the world.

We are official partners of micro:bit. If you are very interested in our products or want to become our distributor, please feel free to contact us!