ElecFreaks Bluetooth Family

ElecFreaks Bluetooth Family

Hi Guys, thanks for you reading again. From we write “Communication between Android and Arduino with Bluetooth” on, many ElecFreaks user much interested in Bluetooth Bee. Right now, we have a bluetooth family in stock and it will getting larger and larger. To help you better selection bluetooth product, let me introduce them to you, take a look family photos first:

At this time, all of our Bluetooth products are base on HC-05/HC-06 serial port bluetooth module.  The most different of them is that HC-05 could be setting to Master or Slave by user. HC-06 has be designed Master or Slave when the factory, user couldn't change the role.

Why there are the different of them  ? Because of the paired must Master devices and Slave devices each other, Master-to-Master devices and Slave-to-Slave devices can't paired each other.  The Master just active send paired request to other side, but the Slave mode just waiting for other Bluetooth device send paired request to it.  Usually Slave mode could paired with PDA, Blutooth adapter, and PC etc. Most conditions, we recommend to Bluetooth products base on HC-05 because of their quick configuration for hobbyist.  If you just want a easy used it and paired with common Bluetooth devices, you could choose the product base on HC-06. Whatever they are, we want provided to you more options.    

The first member of course is Bluetooth Bee, it’s our first Bluetooh product and we used it communicated with Android phone. You can reference the this post. The Bluetooth Bee is an easy to use Bluetooth SPP module compatible with existing Xbee sockets, designed for transparent wireless serial connection setup. We have one XBee/Bluetooth Bee shield and Bluetooth USB Adapter in stock and all of them compatible with Xbee sockets.

The next member is Minimum pass-through module of Bluetooth Modem, this module we keep to minimum Bluetooth device which base on HC-05/HC-06.  We keep the IO of the module is: STATE , read state pin, which for LED flicker before. RXD,   UART Port 0 async. input. TXD, UART Port 0 async. output. GND,  Ground VCC,  3.3V Pwer supply   KEY, For AT mode.

The last member is Bluetooth Shield v1.0, Bluetooth Shield a serial port Bluetooth module (Master/Slave) breakout board. You can choose ARDUINO's Digital PIN D0->D7 as Software UART to communicate with Bluetooth Shield(and D0,D1 also is Hardware UART) by jumper header.  Import of that it could also plug others shield on and you can control them at same time. In further, we will add more member to Bluetooth Family. Please stay tuned to us.