Elecfreaks Outlook for Japanese Friend Store: Vistone Roboshop

Elecfreaks Outlook for Japanese Friend Store: Vistone Roboshop

Vistone Roboshop, located in high quality electronic products sales center of Akihabar, is a countable robot exclusive store in Japan. It has a hundreds of robots for sell. And our Elecfreaks products are hot-selling there too. The latest television show "Impression of Tokyo" brought us to Vistone Roboshop, and we saw a series of new robots there. Want to know what i saw? Just follow my post below.

Outlook of Store


Japanese Transnational Robots

In this shop, there are a lot of funny robots. For example: Robovie-X. It's looks like a strong man good at exercise. It is small but powerful. You can ask it to do difficult movement like acrobatics for you.


Robohoo, a robot impressed me most which can understand your command. I really like this robot. It is so cute, so clever and very flexible. You can ask it to dance for you and you can see its movements are very good just like a professional dancer.


Except for all kinds of funny robots, we saw several Elecfreaks products were sold in Vistone Roboshop. For example: Freakscar based on Arduino. FreaksCar is a robotic development platform, completely open source. It new , easy for DIY. You don't have to solder and it is easy to programming. For DIY starters and fans, it is worthwhile to have a try.

If you want to see more funny robot products, you can visit Vistone Roboshop online store. Or if you want to know more about our products, you can visit Elecfreaks.

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