How to choose the EF micro:bit kits ?

 Micro:bit is becoming more and more popular in many countries ,it’s easy to learn for young kids ,also is easy to teach for teachers ,but only one micro:bit for learning how to programming is not enough ,so for the markets there are many micro:bit breakout board and kits for micro:bit ,but it’s hard to know which kits are best or don’t know how to choose it . Many of our clients also ask us same questions ,Elecfrekas has all kinds of micro:bit accessories ,but they don’t have know how choose them . Although micro:bit is focus on the primary and secondary schools ( age for 7-16),but for older students also can use the micro:bit to do many interesting projects .There let me show you how to choose our micro:bit kits .

1: Micro:bit cars

We have four different cars in our store ,ringbit car ,cutebot smart car ,Tpbot car and wonder rugged car . So what are differences for these cars or in general how old kids can use them . If the kids are about 8 years old ,cute car and Tpbot are best choices for them ,these two cars don’t need to assemble them ,just plug the micro:bit ,then code it ,it will work ,cutebot car is compatible all of our octopus sensors ,which mean you can play it with all of our octopus sensors ,and of course this cute car is compatible with our AI lens ,just need to one cuetbot lithium battery pack ,then it can do some AI projects (of course ,if the students want to use this function ,maybe they need the help of their teachers ) ,the design of Tpbot car is so cute ,also this car is so easy ,even don’t have micro:bit ,it also can follow the line…Tpbot car is compatible with all of the PlanetX sensors ( these sensors are compatible the LEGO ) ,so just like cutebot car if you want to play more functions ,you can play it with the PlanetX sensors .

Ringbit car and wonder rugged car are different from cutebot car ,these two cars need some time to assemble them ,so it needs hands-on ability ,these two kits are for older kids ,like age about 10-12. If the kids are really enjoy the LEGO ,then wonder rugged car is best choice for a micro:bit car .

2:Micro:bit sensor kit
In our store ,you can find many kits ,like the tinker kit ,smart home kit ,smart city kit ,smart agriculture kit ,smart science IOT kit….so what are the differences for these kits ? And how to choose them . First you can see the name of these kits ,smart home ,smart city …each kit has different theme for it ,for example if the teachers want to teach the students to so some smart home projects ,then our smart home kit is the best choice ,this kit includes more than 13 different smart home projects .For these kits are really easy also include many interesting online cases ,except the smart science IOT Kit ,these kits are good for primary and secondary schools students (age 8-15) ,but IOT kit is a little difficult for young students ,this kit will teach some IOT knowledge. So this kit needs high level coding ability .Secondary or high school students are better .

3: Nezha Inventor’s kit 36 IN 1 & wonder building kit 20 IN 1 & Ring pack kit 6 IN 1
These are our latest products ,you can see 36 in 1 ,20 in 1 …..that mean we has wrote 36 different cases and 20 different cases … If you really enjoy the LEGO stuff ,these three kits are perfect kits for the students . Each kit has rich cases and detail manual . The schools can check the budget then decide which one is better choice . Nezha kit is most expensive and ring:bit pack is cheap . Nezha kit is completely compatible with LEGO ,each PlanetX sensors and Nezha board are work perfectly with LEGO . And Nezha inventor’s kit is a basic kit ,so if you want to do more projects ,you can choose more PlanetX sensors .

Anyway we have many different kits for micro:bit kit ,for different countries ,the coding level is different ,so maybe we think it’s easy then for some places are difficult . Micro:bit is a perfect STEAM products for teaching young kids to get in the world of coding . For our company we want to design the micro:bit accessories to make the coding is more funny and easy . My next article will introduce the differences for all of our breakout board for micro:bit .