How to make a basketball counter with micro:bit?

How to make a basketball counter with micro:bit?

Hi, this week I’m planning to show you with a case of building a simple micro:bit basketball counter. It is able to help us to count the times of throwing a basketball into the hoops.

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Let’s start building it now, firstly please prepare the materials we need as the picture shows:

Now build a baseboard with four frames as the picture indicates:

Here let’s build the “pillar” for the basketball hoops:

Next let’s build with the counting times part, it requires the sonar:bit. Fix sonar:bit to the bricks with the screws and have them connected to the “pillar”.

Now let’s build the loop part with the bricks in below pictures:

Finally connect it to the baseboard and connect the sonar:bit to P10 port on Wukong expansion board.

Download the program to the micro:bit and here we go with the finished



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