Merry Christmas ! Third batch of Flower ProtoBoard Samples has been sent !

Merry Christmas ! Third batch of Flower ProtoBoard Samples has been sent !

Merry Christmas ! Thanks for your reading on Christmas day. The third batch of Flower ProtoBoard Samples have been sent !  We are always working on improving the Flower ProtoBoard Series to support more function.   And now, there is  a new version Flower ProtoBoard that supports  SOIC, which we called Flower-SOIC ProtoBoard.  This time, some people  requested Flower ProtoBoard sample from us, we have sent Flower-SOIC ProtoBoard. So you may receive Flower ProtoBoard or Flower-SOIC ProtoBoard at random. Just Enjoy it ???Congratulations!  20 electrical engineers and hobbyists were chosen for testing our Flower ProtoBoard  yesterday.  Our Third batch samples have been released. We encourage more guys to join us.

  1. aaron musso's brother          - New zealand
  2. Foxx D`Gamma                         - USA
  3. John Boxall                                 - Australia
  4. C.J.Truax                                     - USA
  5. Paul Paulsen                               - Denmark
  6. Uwe Zimmermann                   - Sweden
  7. Aaron Musso                              - USA
  8. Bill Griffith                                   - USA
  9. Jose Antonio Vacas                 - Spain
  10. John Carmichael                       - USA
  11. Conrad Merling                          - USA
  12. Emerson Hawley                       - USA
  13. Danni Youziel                             - United Kingdom
  14. Bill Gagnon                                  - USA
  15. Dan Hayman                               - USA
  16. Marco Hahn                                - Germany
  17. Lawrence Micallef                    - United Kingdom
  18. David Graves                              - USA
  19. Keith DePew                                - USA
  20. Steven Feinstein                        - USA

We believe Flower ProtoBoard there are more development potential and improvement waiting for your suggestion.

So we encourage guys who are experienced engineer or with extensive welding experience, and willing to write a test comment for us. Welcome to request for free product samples. Be one of them? It’s very simple.

Willing to write a test report or comment for flower ProtoBoard. You can post on yourself Blog or electronics enthusiast Form, please send the post link to us. Of course you also could feedback your report to us or within the post. Any suggestion to improve the Flower ProtoBoard Series is Welcome.

Following quick steps:

Step 1: Register in the website.

Step 2: Write an email to please simple explain in the email to help us know more about you .

Step 3: review your request and shipping sample to you in the shortest possible time.

Of course, you can directly write an email include your information.

Happy Christmas !