ring:bit V2 for micro:bit

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The Ring:bit expansion board is a simple PCB for the micro:bit. The Ring:bit extends the micro:bit's 3 GPIO ports. We will use this module to convert the P0/P1/P2 port to the common GVS port. It can be loaded 3 AAA batteries to drive the car or other components.


Compatble with LEGO hole
Each I/O 's feature is printed on board

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Size and location Dimension

Instrucion of main function module
Power Switch

micro:bit connecting

3Pin Port


Items Parameters Remarks
Name Ring:bit v2 -
Version V1.0 -
SKU EF03423 -
IO port P0、P1、P2 -
Working Voltage 3.3~5V -
LEGO hole support Yes -
Weight 22g
Size 52.52*55.81mm -