8. Case 05 - A Touch-controlled Dog#

8.1. Purpose#

Program to control the rotation of XGO through the touch logo on the micro:bit and the going backward and getting down through the sound level .

8.2. Materials Required#

1 × micro:bit XGO Robot Kit

Note: A micro:bit V2.0 and above is required in this project.

8.3. Hardware Connections#

Connect the micro:bit with the computer.


8.4. Software Platform#



8.5. Program#

Add the XGO extensions.





8.6. Program#



Link: A Touch-controlled Dog

You can also download it directly below:

8.7. FAQ#

If XGO doesn’t move, please try increasing the sound level.

8.8. Exploration#

How to give more commands to XGO with different sound level ?