1. Kit Introduction#

1.1. Introduction#

Robit smart car is a kind of smart car which is based on micro:bit and ElecFreaks robit. Besides the RJ25 wiring port and motor port in Mbot, the robit is also equipped with 2-way DC motor connectors , 2-way stepping motor connectors(Stepping motor connectors and 4-way DC motor connectors are multiplexed ) and 8-way PWM signal output connectors. It can drive PWM signal driving devices like servo. It has 8-way G-5V-S digital signal connectors(for connecting with OCTOPUS electric bricks) and 4-way G-5V-S analog signal connectors(for connecting with OCTOPUS electric bricks). Robit can realize all current basic functions of MBOT and it can be regarded as the new generation of Mbot.


  • Support 4 channels of DC motor and 2 channels of stepping motors.

  • With 8-way PWM signal output connectors.

  • With 8-way G-5V-S digital signal connectors(for OCTOPUS electric brick).

  • With 4-way G-5V-S analog signal connectors(for OCTOPUS electric brick).

  • DC power supply input voltage: DC 3.7V-6V.

  • Lithium battery power supply input voltage: DC 3.7-4.2V.

Technical Parameter#

  • Name:Robit Smart Car

  • SKU:EF08195

  • Version:V1.0

  • Motor Type:TT Motor

  • Wheels Number:2

  • Line-following:Support

  • Sonar:Support

  • Power Source:Lithium battery

  • Net Weight:426g

  • Dimension of Finished Products:170mm X 128mm X 98mm

1.2. Lists of Components#

  • Chassis x 1

  • Robit x 1

  • Sonar bit x 1

  • Dual Line-following Modules x 1

  • TT Motor x 2

  • Batter x 1

  • Screws Package x 1

1.3. Diagram for Installment of Chassis#

Step 1: Install TT motor with four M3*25 countersunk screws https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elecfreaks/learn-cn/master/microbitKit/robit_smart_car/images/robit_smart_car_02.JPG

Step 2: Attach the hook side of HOOK & LOOP to the aluminum chassis. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elecfreaks/learn-cn/master/microbitKit/robit_smart_car/images/robit_smart_car_03.JPG

Step 3: Fasten the four 4*6 single-pass coppers with four nuts to the Robit board. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elecfreaks/learn-en/master/microbitKit/robit_smart_car/images/robit_smart_car_04.jpg

Step 4: Fasten the four M3*30 single-pass coppers on the aluminum chassis. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elecfreaks/learn-cn/master/microbitKit/robit_smart_car/images/robit_smart_car_05.JPG

Step 5: Fasten the Robit board with four M3*5 screws to the aluminum chassis. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elecfreaks/learn-cn/master/microbitKit/robit_smart_car/images/robit_smart_car_06.JPG

Step 6: Install the Fender with M4*5 screws. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elecfreaks/learn-cn/master/microbitKit/robit_smart_car/images/robit_smart_car_07.JPG

Step 7: Install the universal wheel and line-following module with 2 M4*10 countersunk screws. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elecfreaks/learn-en/master/microbitKit/robit_smart_car/images/robit_smart_car_08.JPG

Step 8: Install the wheels. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elecfreaks/learn-en/master/microbitKit/robit_smart_car/images/robit_smart_car_09.JPG

Step 9: Install 2 M4*6+6 single-pass copper cylinders on the head of the car. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elecfreaks/learn-cn/master/microbitKit/robit_smart_car/images/robit_smart_car_10.jpg

Step 10: Install sonar module with 2 M4*5 screws. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elecfreaks/learn-cn/master/microbitKit/robit_smart_car/images/robit_smart_car_11.JPG

Step 11: Stick the loop side of the Hook&Loop onto the battery. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elecfreaks/learn-cn/master/microbitKit/robit_smart_car/images/robit_smart_car_12.JPG

Finished Products#


1.4. Sample Code#

Click “Add Package” and search with “robit”, then add the robit package. ../../_images/u1nc7NF.png

The code of moving forward is list below, you can have your car moving forward after downloading.#


1.5. File#

1.6. FAQ#