18. Case 14: Guess the tones#

18.1. Introduction#

This is a gaming device. It displays a smiley face and plays a beep when it is turned on. Press the button A to select the corresponding number, and press the button B to confirm. If the confirmed number is the same as the prompt sound, the micro:bit displays √; if not, it displays ×.


18.2. Quick to Start#


Nezha expansion board × 1

micro:bit × 1

Tips: You may need to purchase Nezha Inventor’s Kit if you want all the above compoents.

Connection Diagram#

Connect the micro:bit to Nezha expansion board as the picture shows.


18.3. MakeCode Programming#

Step 1#

Program to show icon in the on start brick and set the variable K as 0.


In forever brick, set the variable j as true and the value of i as a random number among 1~7.


If i=1, programme to play the tone of C; if i=2, set to play the tone of D, and set the following 5 tones accordingly in the same way.


While the variable j is true, set k=k+1 after button A being pressed and display the value of K; while button B being pressed, if k=1, set to display √; if k≠i, set to display ×, and pause for 2000ms, then display the smile face; if k=0, set the variable of j as false.


Full Code:#



After powering on, it displays a smile face and plays a tone. Choose the equivalent numbers by pressing button A and confirm it by pressing button B. If the confirmed number and the tone are the same one, the micro:bit displays √; if not, it displays ×.