36. case 33 access denied#

36.1. Access Denied! A Door Entry Tutorial#

  • Enhancing door security with micro:bit. This tutorial was written by Sean Lew, from the Singapore University of Technology and Design, during his summer internship with us in 2018.

36.3. Goals#


  1. Build your own wireless door security!

  2. Setting up alerts for any intruders or unlocked doors!

36.4. Required Materials#

  • 2 x micro:bit

  • 1 x Breakout Board

  • 1 x Crash Sensor

  • 1 x Buzzer

36.5. Step 1 – Setting Up!#


  1. Slot one of the micro:bit into the breakout board.

  2. Connect the Buzzer to Pin 0 of the breakout board and the crash sensor to Pin 1.

  3. Before moving on to Step 2, make sure you download the “tinkercademy-tinker-kit” package.

Step 2 – Code away!#


  1. Drag these set of codes into your makecode platform and download it into the micro:bit connected to your breakout board.

  2. Give the crash sensor a few press to see if your code is working correctly!

Step 3 – Almost there!#


  1. Download this set of codes for the second micro:bit (receiver).

  2. Now give test out the crash sensor to see if the receiving micro:bit is working correctly!

  3. Now that you have set up your very first wireless door security, you can try it with more than just 1 door!

  4. Feel free to also add add other form of alerts on the receiving micro:bit to enhance your own security.