31. case 28 Put together the Krazy Kar v2#

31.1. Put together the Krazy Kar v2#

  • Got our Krazy Kar Kit and ready to get started? Follow along to put it together here. Don’t like instructions? Use your creativity and make a krazy octopus instead.

31.3. Goals#


  1. Make the Krazy Kar.

  2. Don’t break anything.

  3. (Or if you break anything, learn how to fix it).

31.4. Materials#

  • 1 x Krazy Kar Shell

  • 2 x Continuous Servos

  • 2 x Wheels for Servos

  • Some x Tape

  • 1 x Basic:bit

  • 5 x Screws

  • 1 x micro:bit

  • 1 x Battery Pack

31.5. Hardware Step 1 – Shell it!#


  • Fold up the cardboard shell where the line cuts are.

  • Tape it such that the sides stand 90 degrees to the base.

  • You should be able to slot the top shell (one with 5 holes) into the bottom shell now.

Step 2 – Put in the Innards.#


  • Insert the two servo motors into the holes at the sides.

  • Behind the stabilizing rectangle is some double-sided tape. Peel off the paper and push the rectangle in between the servos to secure them in. Stick it down well onto the base!

  • Fill the battery pack with batteries and place it in the front of the krazy kar.

Step 3 – On to the Outside!#


  • Screw the wheels onto the continuous servo motors.

  • Thread the servos and battery pack’s wire through the rectangular hole in the top shell. And fit the top shell onto the bottom.

Step 4 – Upgrade the micro:bit#




  • Screw the micro:bit onto the basic:bit using the longer screws provided. Note that the holes should align, P0 to P0 and G to G.

  • Affix the two servos into P1 and P2 of the basic:bit, making sure that the brown wires goes to G and the yellow wires go to S.

  • Switch the P0/Buzzer switch on the basic:bit to buzzer. If it was already there – lucky you.

Step 5 – On to the Outside!#


  • Using the 5 screws, fit the micro+basic:bit cyborg into the 5 holes on the top of the krazy kar.

  • Decorate decadently. And code it to get moving!