16. OCTOPUS Vibration Motor(EF04074)

16.1. Introduction

OCTOPUS Vibration Motor is a kind of electric brick module carrying with a small vibrator driven by high voltage. It can be used as vibrators for products like toys, mobiles and so on.


16.2. Characteristics

The 3-pins ports is easy to plug and play.

16.3. Specifications

Item Parameter
SKU EF04074
Working Voltage + 3.3-5V
Weight 5g
Power Dissipation ULP
Working Current 80mA(MAX)
Working Temperature -20~70℃
Size 31.28mm×23.48mm

16.4. Outlook and Dimensions


16.5. Quick to Start

Materials used and connection diagram

  • Connect to the P1 port

    Take sensor:bit for example


Add Package

Program as the picture shows




You can also download the links below:


  • The module starts vibrating after pressing button A.

16.6. Relevant Cases

16.7. Technique Files