7. case 04:Timer#

7.1. Our Goal#

  • Use our watch kit to create a wearable timer.

7.2. Material#

  • 1 x Watch kit

7.3. Hardware Connection#

Assemble our watch kit directly just like the picture below.


7.4. Software#

Microsoft Makecode

7.5. Programming#

Step 1#

  • When start our program, create a variable flag and set its value to 0. When button A is pressed, delay time for 5 second. When button B is pressed, set the value of variable flag to 1.


Step 2#

  • Create a forever loop and place an if statement under it. When the variable flag equals to 1, then activate the function.

  • Set time delay and play the built-in music nyan for once. Then set the variable flag to 0.



7.6. Result#

  • The watch can keep time precisely and play music.

7.7. Think#

7.8. FAQ#

7.9. Relative Readings#