3. Case 01: Connect Scratch-Windows

3.1. Goal

  • Connect Scratch with Smart Coding Kit.

3.2. Materials

  • 1 x Smart Coding kit

  • 1 x computer(support Bluetooth)

System Version(Windows 10 version 1709+)(macOS 10.13+)

Bluetooth Version(Bluetooth 4.0)

3.3. Background

What is Scratch ?

  • Scratch is a graphical programming tool developed by Lifelong Kindergarten Group from MIT, it suits for teenagers.

3.4. Software

3.5. Connection Steps

Step 1

  • Connect the micro:bit to your computer and send the prepared micro:bit firmware to the micro:bit.


  • Give power to micro:bit solely and the displaying characters on the micro:bit is the identification code for Bluetooth.


Step 2

  • Open Scratch Link and you will see an icon of it on the status bar.


  • Open the Scratch coding software, choose micro:bit expansion after clicking + on the left bottom.



  • Choose your micro:bit in the pop-up dialogue box.



3.6. Complete

  • If connection is completed, the yellow exclamation mark changes to a green check mark.

  • Now you can code the micro:bit with Scratch!


3.7. FAQ

Fail to connect Scratch

  1. The lowest operation system version is listed at the top of this page.

  2. Only one copy of the scratch can be connected to the micro:bit. If you have open the Scratch in other browsers, please close all of them and re-try.

  3. If there is another computer connecting to your micro:bit, please cut off the connection with another computer or yours, and re-try.

  4. You might press the “reset” button between the USB connector and power supply connector on the back of the micro:bit while operating it, make sure your hands or feet be away from it!

3.8. Relevant Files

Scratch official connection files: https://scratch.mit.edu/microbit

Scratch official website: https://scratch.mit.edu