39. OCTOPUS Infrared Receiver Sensor

39.1. Introduction

This is a simple infrared receiver sensor,and mainly receives infrared signal through HS0038 infrared diode. HS0038 is particularly sensitive to the infrared signal, and it can receive the infrared signal very swiftly. ../../_images/04009_01.png

39.2. Characteristics

  • Standard 3-pin GVS port is easy to plug.

39.3. Specification

Item Parameter
SKU EF04009
Pins Definition S-Sigal V-VCC G-GND
Working Voltage 3V
Size 38.9 x 23.5 mm


39.4. Outlook and Dimension


39.5. Quick to Start

Materials required and connections diagram

  • Connect to P1 port as the picture shows.

Take sensor:bit for examples


39.6. Programming

Step 1

Click “Advanced” in the drawer of the MakeCode to see more choices.


We need to add a package for programming, click “Extensions” on the bottom of the drawer and search with “ir-receiver“ in the dialogue box to download it.


Note: If you met a tip indicating codebase will be deleted due to incompatibility, you may continue as the tips tell or build a new project.

Step 2

Programming as the picture shows




You can also download it directly:



  • If pushing the switch button on the controller, the micro:bit shows a “smile” face; if pushing the four direction keys, the micro:bit shows it accordingly.

39.7. Relevant Cases

39.8. Technical Files