4. OCTOPUS 1Channel Relay - 5V

4.1. Introduction

OCTOPUS 1Channel Relay is a single relay electronic brick.


4.2. Characteristics

  • The 3-pins ports is easy to plug and play.

  • It can work with micro:bit in 3V.

4.3. Specifications

Item | Parameter :-: | :-: SKU|EF04026 Relay Supply Voltage|3V-5.5V Contactor Control |Light separation circuit Drive Circuit|Transistor drives circuit, high resistance of the pins Heavy Relay|DC 24V 2A,AC 120V 2A PCB location hole|Standard 3mm

4.4. Outlook and Dimensions


4.5. Quick to Start

Materials used and connection diagram

  • Connect to the P1 port as the picture shows

    Take sensor:bit for example


Program as the picture shows



Links: https://makecode.microbit.org/_5fRVFCVFUJmE

You can also download the links below:



  • Press the button A or B to control the on or off of the relay.

4.6. Relevant Cases

4.7. Technique Files