6. Case 02: Speed Up Gradually#

6.1. Purpose#

  • In case 01, we can find the Cutebot moves too fast to go steadily(the universal wheel goes off the ground) at the beginning.

  • We will learn to gradually speed up the car for a steady move at the beginning in this case.

6.2. Materials#

6.3. Software Platform#

MicroSoft makecode

6.4. Programming#

Step 1#

  • Click the “Advanced” to see more choices in the MakeCode drawer.


  • A codebase is required for Cutebot programming, click “Add Package” at the bottom of the drawer, search Cutebot in the dialogue box and download it.


Note: If you met a tip indicating incompatibility of the codebase, you can continue with the tips or build a new project there.

Step 2#

  • Choose “show icon” in the On startbrick.

  • Set the speed variable to 0 which means the on start speed is 0. ../../_images/case_02_013.png

Step 3#

  • Drag setting speed bricks for left and right wheel and set the value as speed in “forever” brick, then add one to speed.

  • If speed is 100 which is the maximum speed, set speed to 0 and restart it.



Links: https://makecode.microbit.org/_Au3Ji6KF0H6E

You can also download it directly below:

6.5. Result#

  • The Cutebot speeds up gradually and the universal wheel will not go off the ground due to the high speed.

6.6. Exploration#

  • How to program to make the car speed up gradually and then speed down gradually?

6.7. FAQ#

6.8. Relevant Files#