18. Octopus 3V laser sensor(EF04096)

18.1. Introduction

Octopus 3V laser sensor is the laser emission electric brick in our Octopus series, the basic design is from the Octopus electric bricks and the setting of its outlook, the PCB fixing hole and the connectors are the same.

It is made of a laser emission chip, condensing lens and an adjustable sleeve, which can work after powering on.

Notice: Please do not shine the eyes. The laser emits a red laser beam that usually can be seen as a red dot, but you can only see a slight red line under the condition of frog or other medium.


18.2. Characteristics

  • The emitting principle of the laser and it’s special emitting process make the laser equip the features where normal light does not have: “The Three Goods” (Good monochromaticity, good coherence and good directionality ) and “One High” (High brightness)

  • Support micro:bit in 3V.

  • Easy and convenient for connection

18.3. Parameter

  • Name: Octopus 3V laser sensor

  • SKU:EF04096

  • Working Voltage: DC 3~5.5V

  • Wave Length: 650NM

  • Rate of Work: 5MW

  • Spot Size: φ10mm ~ φ15mm(15 meters away)

  • Connection Mode: G-GND,V-VCC,S-signal pin

  • Size: 38.9x23.5mm

  • Net Weight: 5g

Dimensions and Outlook


18.4. Quick to Start

Hardware Connection

Connect the module with the wire(with buckle) to the PI pins on the Octopus:bit, insert the micro:bit to the Octopus:bit.


Software Programming

Programme in the makecode and write high level to P1 port to make the laser on and low level to make the laser off. Links: https://makecode.microbit.org/_Lvega7TP6ggz

You can also download it directly:


The laser lights on.

18.5. FAQ