8. case 06 NTC

8.1. Introduction

  • The temperature sensor is a sensor that can sense the temperature and convert the temperature to output signal. The temperature sensor is core of temperature measurement instrument.

8.2. Hardware Connect


  • Connect circuit as above picture and put 2 AAA batteries into batteries pack.

8.3. Principles of Circuits


  • The GND of slot on micro:bit is into innards of batteries’ GND to generate current loop.

8.4. Introduction of Components


  • The NTC is an analog temperature sensor where the output voltage and temperature form a liner relationship. The higher the temperature, the larger the output voltage.

  • The experiment box included a NTC.


Note: Please note the positive and the negative when you are connecting.

8.5. Software

Step 1


Step 2

  • Reduction Formula:


  • The reading is an analog value of the IO port, we need a formula as above to convert the values into Celsius.

Step 3

  • Set “Temperature” as a variable to store the Celsius.

  • As above formula, convert the values of P0 into Celsius.


  • Show the temperature value and pauce a second.



8.6. Result

  • Show the current temperature on the micro:bit allay.

8.7. Think

8.8. Questions

8.9. More Information