36. Octopus 0.36’’ Segment LED Brick(EF04056)

36.1. Introduction


36.2. Characteristics

  • Support driving micro:bit in 3V.

36.3. Specifications

Item Parameter
SKU EF04056
Power Supply 3V-5.5V
Pins Definition 1-CLK 2-DIO 3-VCC 4-GND
Response Quick response with high sensitivity
Circuit Simple
Stability Stable and durable

36.4. Outlook and Dimensions

36.5. Quick to Start

Materials Required and Connection Diagram

Add Package

Click “Advanced” to see more choices in the MakeCode drawer.


Click “Extensions” to search “TM1637” in the dialogue box and then download it.


Programme as the picture shows

  • The numbers display on the led screen.



Link:https://makecode.microbit.org/_P5HfWFAvHe8J You can also download it below directly:


  • The setting numbers display on the led screen.

36.6. Relevant Cases

36.7. Technique Files