24. Octopus Temperature Sensor Brick TMP36(EF04079)#

24.1. Introduction#

Octopus TMP36 Temperature Sensor Brick is a temperature sensor with low voltage and accurate Celsius read. It can provide voltage output,which forms a linear relationship with Celsius temperature.


24.3. Characteristics#

The 3-pins ports is easy to plug and play.

24.4. Specifications#

Item Parameter
SKU EF04079
Accuracy ±2°C(Typical value)
Linearity ±0.5°C(Typical value)
Working Voltage 2.7V~5.5V
Thermal Effect Index When power currency lower than 50 μA
Nominated Temperature Measuring Range -40 °C to +125 °C, working temperature can be up to +150 °C.
Ratio Coefficient + 10 mV /°C
Static Current Below 50μA
Turn Off Current Max 0.5μA

24.5. Outlook and Dimensions#


24.6. Quick to Start#

Materials used and connection diagram#

Connect to the P1 port

Take sensor:bit for example


Add Package#

Click “Advanced”in the choice of the MakeCode to find more choices.


Click “Extensions”, search “iot”in the dialog box and then download it.


Program as the picture shows#

  1. Choose the display brick for the micro:bit.

  2. Choose the function of showing the temperature from the IoT package.

  3. The temperature is showing on the micro:bit.




You can also download the links below:


The current temperature is showing on the micro:bit.

24.7. Relevant Cases#

24.8. Technique Files#