1.7. Case 05: Find the Bigger Face

1.7.1. Purpose

To make the AI Lens be able to recognize the face and display the width of the face on the OLED module.


Materials Required and Connection Diagram

  • Connect the AI Lens and the OLED display to the IIC ports on Nezha expansion board.


1.7.2. MakeCode Programming

Step 1

Click “Advanced” in the MakeCode drawer to see more choices.


We need to add a package for programming. Click “Extensions” in the bottom of the drawer and search with “PlanetX” in the dialogue box to download it.


Note: If you met a tip indicating that the codebase will be deleted due to incompatibility, you may continue as the tips say or build a new project in the menu.

Step 2

Code as below:



  • The width of the regcognized face displays on the OLED module.