1. Introduction#

motor:bit smart car kit is a tailor-made smart car for micro:bit and motor:bit. This kit includes a micro:bit, motor:bit, sonar:bit and 2 line tracking modules. You can use this kit to DIY a micro:bit two-wheel smart car.

1.1. Features#

Small size with compact structure.
Reserve sensor connectors.

1.3. Parameters#

Item Parameter
Motor Type TT Motor
Wheel Quantity 2
Power Supply 4 AA Batteries
Support Line Tracking Yes
Support Ultrasonic Module Yes
Net Weight 246g
Size of Finished Product 146mm x 124mm x 71mm

1.4. Dimension#


1.5. Packing List#

1 x motor:bit
1 x Acrylic Smart Car Chassis Kit(include TT motor)
1 x Line Tracking Module
1 x Sonar:bit
1 x micro:bit

1.6. Drawings#


Assembly Overview#


Finished Product#



1.7. Documents#

Motor:bit Introduction

Case 01 Fixed Parking

Case 02 Keep Distance

Case 03 Line Tracking

Case 04 Avoid Barrier

Case 05 Remote Control

Case 06 Bluetooth Control

1.8. FAQ#