7. Rainbow LED module

7.1. Introduction

  • Ring:bit car V2 light-bar module is the dedicated module designed for Ring:Bit Car V2. It brings you mutiple color with simple assemblling methods.

  • It comes with 8 Rainbow full color LEDs. You can update it to a car with auto-headlights and rainbow lights.


7.2. Features

  • Input voltage 3V~5V,driving directly by micro:bit.

  • Standard 3 line GVS port, occupying only one I/O port.

  • 8 small LEDs, power saving and energy saving.

  • Each led can be programmed seperately with RGB color.

7.3. Parameter

Items Parameter Remark
Name Ring:bit car v2 light bar -
SKU EF03425 -
Working Voltage DC 3-5V -
Connection Port Ring:bit car dedicated pin ports Fixed with scews
Output Signal Simulation -
LEDs 8 pcs -
Dimension 60.8 x 33.20mm -
Net Weight 5.7g -

7.4. Dimensions:


7.5. Quick to Start

Hardware Connection

  • First, insert this module to the baseboard of the Ring:bit car V2. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elecfreaks/learn-cn/master/microbitKit/ring_bit_v2/images/ring_bit_v2_Rainbow_04.gif

  • Then, screw up the screws.


  • Completed. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/elecfreaks/learn-cn/master/microbitKit/ring_bit_v2/images/ring_bit_v2_Rainbow_07.jpg

Software Programming

  • Program a simple light-bar code in the makecode .

  • Set the variable for Strip, initiate the 10pcs LEDs connected to P0.

  • Programme the LED to show Rainbow color

  • Programme to circulate and displace the color in “forever” brick.

  • Show color.


Links: https://makecode.microbit.org/_3Wc1k8Ckg9vF

You can download it directly below:


-Rainbow lights.

7.6. FAQ