3. Octopus Linear Slider Potentiometer Brick(EF04061)#

3.1. Introduction#

OCTOPUS Potentiometer is a simple linear sliding potentiometer electronic building block module which can be used for resistor divider output, HID control panel, electronic building block kit.


3.3. Characteristics#

The 3pins ports is easy to plug and play.

3.4. Specifications#

Item Parameter
SKU EF04061
Power Supply 3.3V~5V
Adjustable Length 30mm
Taper Linear resistance
Size 51mm X 13.95mm

3.5. Outlook and Dimensions#


3.6. Quick to Start#

Materials used and connection diagram#

Connect out port to the P1 port and the led port to P2 port as the picture shows

Take sensor:bit for example


Add Package#

Program as the picture shows#

  1. Show the value read by the sensor on the micro:bit.

  2. The led controlled by Potentiometer lights up by digital writing pin P2 to 1.




You can also download the links below:


As the resistance is changed by sliding, the resistance of the corresponding band 01023 is displayed on the micro:bit, and the LED on the module is illuminated at the same time.

3.7. Relevant Cases#

3.8. Technique Files#