15. Lesson 12 Accelerometer#


15.1. Introduction#

micro:bit has integrated multiple sensors including accelerometer. Today, we are going to use accelerometer to make a level device and display the inclination on RainbowLED ring in bar chart format.

15.2. Component List#


  • 1 x micro:bit Board

  • 1 x USB Cable

  • 1 x micro:bit Breadboard Adapter

  • 1 x Transparent Breadboard - 83 * 55 mm

  • 1 x 8 RGB RainbowLED Ring

  • n x Breadborad Jumper Wire 65pcs Pack

Tips: If you want all components above, you may need Elecfreaks Micro:bit Starter Kit .


15.3. Major Component Introduction#


There is an accelerometer on your micro:bit which detects the speed change of micro:bit. It converts analog information into digital form that can be used in micro:bit programs. Output is in milli-g. The device will also detect a small number of standard actions, e.g. shake, tilt and free-fall.


The corresponding X, Y, Z axle direction of accelerometer are showed below:


15.4. Experimental Procedure#

Hardware Connection#

Connect your components according to the picture below:

  • Connect the signal wire of the LED ring to the P0 port of the breadboard adapter.


After connection, we can see:


Software Programming#

Click to open Microsoft Makecode, write the following code in the editor.(https://makecode.microbit.org/)


Add Package#

Click “Advanced”in the choice of the MakeCode to find more choices.


Click “Extensions”, search “neopixel”in the dialog box and then download the “neopixel”.


Program as the picture shows:#


Details for the code:#

  • Set P0 port as the pin for LED beads and set it in RGB mode, then light on all the LED.


  • Set the color of the light is changed with the accelerated speed.




You can also download the links directly:

15.5. Result#

The RGB LED ring lights on in different color with the movement of the micro:bit.


15.6. Exploration#

If we want to set 4 of the LEDs to light on in turns, how can we design the circuit and program?

15.7. FAQ#