21. Octopus PIR Sensor Brick

21.1. Introduction

OCTOPUS PIR Sensor module is a type of electronic building block based on AM412 pyroelectric digital smart sensor. It can be used in sensing and detection of human or animal motion, sensing distance is about 4-5 meters.


21.2. Characteristics

  • The 3-pins ports is easy to plug and play.

21.3. Specifications

Item | Parameter :-: | :-: SKU|EF04055 Power Supply|3.3V~5.5V DSP|SP Dissipation|Adjustable power Input|Bi-directional differential and high resistance Anti-interference|Built-in filter to shield other Hz Power Source|Excellent PSR, RF makes little influence to Schmidt REL Voltage Stability|low voltage and dissipation, the voltage is stable after giving power Working Temperature|-25~85℃ Size|32.00mm×24.00mm

21.4. Outlook and Dimensions


21.5. Quick to Start

Materials used and connection diagram

  • Connect to the P1 port as the picture shows

    Take sensor:bit for example


Add Package

Program as the picture shows

  1. Digital read pin P1.

  2. While the show number is 0, an icon is showing on the micro:bit.

  3. While the show number is 1, a rectangle is showing on the micro:bit.




You can also download the links below:



  • If there is object approaching, an icon is showing on the micro:bit; while taking away the object, a rectangle is showing on the micro:bit.

21.6. Relevant Cases

21.7. Technique Files