22. Case 19: Sweeper#

22.1. Purpose#

  • Build a TPBot sweeper.

22.2. Material#


22.3. Hardware Connection#

Connect the 360 degrees servo to servo 1 port on TPBot. (Servos are not included in our TPBot kit)


22.4. Software#

MicroSoft makecode

22.5. Programming#

  • Click “Advanced” in the MakeCode drawer to see more choices.


  • We need to add a package for programming. Click “Extensions” in the bottom of the drawer and search with “tpbot” to download it.



  • Drag the show icon brick in the on start and set the car to move forward at the speed of 30%; in forever brick, set the servo connecting to S1 rotate to 180 degrees and pause for 1000ms, and set it rotate to 0 degree and pause for 1000ms.



The car move forward with the servo rotating.

22.6. Exploration#

22.7. FAQ#

Q: The car cannot move with the code in this case?
A: It might be a lack power of the battery, please add the value of the parameter for the speed of the car and test it.

22.8. Revelant File#