7. IIC OLED Module(EF03155)#

7.1. Introduction#

  • This is an OLED display to show the data you want to print.(Chinese is not supported)


7.2. Characteristics#

  • This is a mini OLED display whose diameter is only 1 inch, it is of high resolution due to the high contrast of the display.

  • The display is made of 128x64 white OLED pixels with each on/off by the controlling chip.

  • The mini and smart OLED display is of strong readability due to its high contrast.

  • The display does not require backlight self-illumination, it lowers the power for the OLED display to work.

  • The loaded voltage regulator and the built-in boost converter made it possible to connect the power in 5V. It is easy to connect to the mini controller in 3V/5V power without any level translator.

7.3. Specifications#

Item Parameter
SKU EF03155
OLED self-illumination No Backlight
Screen Size 0.96
Resolution 128×64
Color Blue
Communication Mode IIC
Power dissipation ULP
Working Temperature -20-70℃
Working Voltage 3.3-5V
Dimension 27mm * 28mm

7.4. Dimension#


7.5. Quick to start#

Connection diagram#

  • CL pin connect to CL pin; SA to DA; V to V; G to G.

Take sensor:bit for example:


Add package#

  • Click “Advanced”in the choice of the MakeCode to find more choices.


  • Click “Extensions”, search “oled”in the dialog box and then download oled-ssd1306.



Program as the picture shows.#

  • Initialize the pixels of the OLED screen as 64*128.

  • Show characters: “elecfreaks”




You can also download the links below:


  • “elecfreaks” is displayed on the screen.


7.6. Relevant cases#

7.7. Technique Files#