17. Rainbow LED Strip and GVS Connector -10 LEDs(EF04098)

17.1. Introduction

  • This is a colorful strip based on WS2812B beads, it can display the color of RGB and support multiple cascade at the same time.


17.2. Characteristics

  • Standard 3-pin GVS ports is easy to plug.

  • Both ends are equipped with a connector and it supports multiple cascade.

  • It can drive the micro:bit in 3.3V.

17.3. Specifications

  • SKU:EF04098

  • Working Voltage: DC 3.0V

  • Power Supply: 3v-5v

  • Connector Type: Analog

  • Number of beads: 10 pcs

  • Pins Definition: 1-Signal 2-VCC 3-GND

  • Response: Quick to response and high sensitivity

  • Circuit:Simple drive circuit

  • Stability:Stable and durable

17.4. Outlook and Dimensions


17.5. Quick to Start

Connection Diagram

  • Connect to the P1 port of the extension board.


Add Package

Click “Advanced” in MakeCode to check more choices.


Click “Extensions”, and search “neopixel” in the dialogue box to download the codebase of LED beads.

Programme as the Picture Shows



Links: https://makecode.microbit.org/_bfECLKegkYbR

You can also download it directly:


  • The LED strips light in a way of flowing-water.

17.6. Relevant Cases

17.7. Technique Files