1.1. AI Lens


The AI Lens is able to achieve the functions of face recognition, balls tracking, cards recognition and characteristics acquisition.



  • Designed with RJ11 connection and easy to plug.


Item Parameter
SKU EF05045
Connection RJ11
Connection Type IIC
Working Voltage 3.3V
Core IC K210

Outlook and Dimension


Connection Type: RJ11 to Dupont connector

While the micro:bit breakout board doesn’t have the RJ11 connections, we can choose to use a Dupont wire that has the RJ11 connections. We need to connect the RJ11 to the Lens and the other ends connect to the breakout board(Black wire to GND;Red to VCC;Green to P19(SDA);Yellow to P20(SCL)). If the Lens doesn’t work from the start, please try powering it with a standalone power sourse.


Take IoT:bit for an example:


Note: If you do not use Nezha expansion board to drive the AI Lens, please search with the package through this link: https://github.com/elecfreaks/pxt-PlanetX-AI