14. Octopus MAX6675 Module(EF04018)#

14.1. Introduction#

MAX6675 is a 12-bit resolution Serial K-type thermocouple converter, produced by American company MAXIM, with merits of cold junction compensation, linearity correction, thermocouple break detection and so on. Based on the principle of the chip, our module is available to measure temperature, using the three-wire SPI communication, plus a K-type thermocouple probe connected to Arduino mainboard. Measurement results can be displayed in Arduino IDE.(We are using IIC / SPI_LCD module to display the measurement results) Module can be used in room temperature measurement, also refrigerator, power room, textile machinery, air conditioners and other small space industrial equipment temperature measurement .


14.2. Characteristics#

Easy to plug and play .

14.3. Specifications#

Item Parameter
SKU EF04018
Power Input 5V
Response Quick response
Sensitivity High
Service Life Long (Stable and durable)
Circuit Simple

14.4. Outlook and Dimensions#


14.5. Quick to Start#

Connection diagram#

Add package#

Program as the picture shows:#



Links: https://makecode.microbit.org/_CsdHE6Tu12eE You can also download it directly below:


The current temperature is showing on the micro:bit.

14.6. Relevant Cases#

14.7. Technique Files#