4. Assemble the hardware#

4.1. Step 1#

  • Attach the micro:bit to the Ring:bit expansion board using the short flat head screws.


4.2. Step 2#

  • Use the longer flat head screws to fasten the seven-hole beam to the corresponding screw holes on the XGO.



4.3. Step 3#

  • Mount the Ring:bit expansion board with the micro:bit installed on the seven-hole beam using the long pins.


4.4. Step 4#

  • Connect the DuPont cable reserved by XGO to the corresponding port of the Ring:bit, among which the black DuPont cable is connected to the G port, and the yellow DuPont cable and the blue DuPont cable are connected to the No. 1 and No. 2 ports. Select the appropriate port number.


4.5. Step 5#

  • Connect your computer to the micro:bit with a USB cable:


Start Program#

The programming of XGO is done on the Makecode platform; the Makecode platform can use graphical programming, as well as python code programming and JavaScript code programming;


4.6. Add XGO extension library#

The steps are as follows:#

  • Create a new program, name the program name and click the Advanced button in the building block library, as follows:


4.7. Programming Guide#

Initialize XGO


Set XGO actions, a total of 12 actions, you can choose one action;


Get the servo angle of XGO’s limb joints and get the current power of XGO;



Set XGO single leg servo loading and all leg servos to debug mode;



Turn on or off the performance mode of XGO;


Turn on or off the XGO’s gyroscope;


Stop the XGO cycle reciprocating around the X, Y, Z axes;


Set the time and degree of XGO reciprocating rotation around X, Y, Z axes;



Set the time for XGO to pan or stop and move in the X, Y, Z directions;




Set the distance and time of the XGO leg raise;



Set the direction, speed and time of XGO’s rotational motion;





Set the toe direction of the XGO quadruped;


Set the servo rotation of the XGO quadruped joint and set the servo speed or step frequency;



Set the XGO movement or rotation and the corresponding speed;



set XGO body height;


Simple example#



At the same time, you can directly download the program below;

4.8. FAQ#

Note: If you want to run the numbered code program, you need to turn on the switch of Ring:bit, and also pay attention to whether the power of XGO is sufficient