21.3. The Angry Cutebot#


Display the expressions through an 8 x 16 dot matrix screen.


1 × Cutebot smart car

1 × ELECFREAKS 8x16 Matrix Module

Hardware Connections#

Plug the 8*16 dot matrix screen into the IIC interface of cutebot car, you need to pay attention to whether the connection interface is correct.



MicroSoft Makecode


Add extensions#

Click “Advanced” in the drawer of MakeCode to see more choices.


For programming, we need to add a package. Click “Extensions” at the bottom of the drawer and then search Cutebot in the dialogue box to download it.


In order to program the 8*16 dot matrix screen, we need to add a code library. Find “Extensions” at the bottom of the code drawer and click on it. This will bring up a dialog box. Search for https://github.com/elecfreaks/pxt-Matrix-8x16 and click to Download it.


Note: If you get a warning indicating some packages will be removed because of incompatibility issues, you can follow the prompts or create a new project in the menu.



Link: https://makecode.microbit.org/_8TiMd6VcEd6f

You can also download the program directly from the following webpage.


When the micro:bit V2 logo is touched, the 8×16 dot matrix screen displays expressions and the cutebot smart car moves forward.